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PostSubject: KlAdD3N   KlAdD3N EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 12:20 pm

Hey, my name is Su, and go under the name kladden since it's sounds so noob. i'm 18 will be 19, 18 mars

the reason that i want to join a clan is that i want to try and extend my gaming experience. haven't really had a clan in BO2. the only Clan game that i have played is CSS, i used to play with people who is high+/- when i saw that you guys were recruiting KDR of 1.5 i just thought that this clan would fit me good, experienced gamers who play to win and are mature at the same time:) and heres comes the problem, my KDR is like 1.37 atm. thats because i played on a real shitty computer i lagged like yeah... but now i come to get a new computer wich can run BO2 at full, and after that my KDR has been raising it just takes times..
have everything installed and not afraid to talk either but somethimes i can be quiet

games i'm owning now is CSS,CS Global, MW2, BO2, BF3,

Steam name r3b3cc4_1994 using my girlfriends steam

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PostSubject: Re: KlAdD3N   KlAdD3N EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 11:36 pm

Hello Kladden,

Nice recruitment thread, I would accept this straight away if your k/d was above 1.5. But as you've already said, you had some problems with your computer running BO2 which can really affect your k/d. I also have this, but then with my internet.

Anyways, we can make a few exceptions if you are sure that your k/d will raise overtime.
I'll have to talk with Jujuvh about this, after i've done that i'll edit this post.

Oh btw, if you've got any good friends with a k/d higher then 1.5. Make sure to tell them about us. Smile



Make sure to stay active on Teamspeak 3: ezwingaming.typefrag.com:6320

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