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 Intro and how eZw!n was born ♥

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Intro and how eZw!n was born ♥ Empty
PostSubject: Intro and how eZw!n was born ♥   Intro and how eZw!n was born ♥ EmptyThu Jan 03, 2013 12:10 am

Hey guys Im Julien and im 16
I come from belgium but I currently live in the Netherlands.
I speak 5 languages; french,english,german,spanish,dutch but im beginner in both german and spanish.
I love extreme sports,music and gaming.
I started playing cod at 11 with cod 1 which i didnt play much(2 times a week max). I then stopped playing for 2 years. At 13 I bought mw2 on PS3 in september so black ops was soon released too. I created my own team with irl friends in Black ops which was called Partners in Crime[PiC]. My kd on black ops was 1.4 then in mw3 i joined a dutch clan called NoVa which was a serious clan because you had to have a kd above 1.5 like in eZw!n but i had a kd of 1.6 so i joined. I played mw3 for only 3 months cuz i thought it was boring. Then i started other games such as starcraft 2 and diablo 3 and bf3 on pc which was on my sony laptop. One wekend mw3 was free so i teamed up with some friends from starcraft to test it out on pc, we had a lot of fun but we sucked. Had a kd of 0.8 and ran it in low graphics and it was still very laggy. For the reason I couldnt play cod and bf3 on my laptop i decided that i was going to buy a gaming pc and all the other good stuff (mechanical keyboard and gaming mice). I got my pc in august and started playing starcraft 2 alot. Soooo black ops 2 is kinda my first cod on pc that I took seriously(not playing the caimpagne or playin with lag). Once i started playing my kd was pretty high already something like 1.4 . I added many people on steam such as jkilled and started playing decent. I enjoined playing with friends and with the mic that i thought it was time to find a clan so I looked up on internet and the top website was FoD Smile I decide to join and met Ludoo ♥️. It was funny because the day i joined was the first day that fod bo2 pc started to play. We had a good night with many FoD players. I met friendly people and annoying people too Wink. After a week Ludoo told me i could also be a leader because i came up with the compitetive FoD bo2 clan and was welcoming to new players,active and all that other good stuff. After playin for a month and a bit more I started to see many people joining everyday. There were a lot of not soo good players and players that were immature. Me and ludoo could not kick them because it wasnt our team it was the people that created the whole FoD. One night it really hit me and i told ludoo i was going to leave the clan and probably make a clan of my own so I could decide who to have on my team.I asked ludoo to join me, ludoo wasnt certain because he enjoined being leader of FoD but he agreed with me about the problems
I told him he could have the same in this new team so Ludoo also became leader. This is how eZw!n was born ♥️

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Intro and how eZw!n was born ♥
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